Water is the symbol of life and yet, water is increasingly scarcer across the world, due to pollution, corporate control and climate change, even in the northern hemisphere. This project wants to create bridges in between water, alimentary biodiversity and people.

7 water communities

Artistic project
Manifesta 13 Marseille
Les Parallèles du Sud

The Project Confluences

«Confluences – 7 water communities» initiated by the curator Sigrid Pawelke and the association Art(s) compris, is celebrating water and the alimentary biodiversity in 7 communities across the Southern region in France through art projects by Lucy et Jorge Orta and Anna Guilló's cartography. From march onwards, through guided walks and workshops, participants will (re)discover the different types of water present in their daily life, learn how to develop permaculture in community gardens, and engage in cooking classes and storytelling.
In October the 7 communities will celebrate together with 500 guests the results of the workshops in a banquet, the 44th edition of the project THE MEAL 70x7 in Marseille, orchestrated by the chef-artiste Emmanuel Perrodin.


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7 communities

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THE MEAL 70x7 de Lucy + Jorge Orta

70x7 The Meal, the ancestral banquet ritual with its social role in community networks will be created for the 44th edition. For the first time this ritual will bring together 7 different places, all linked by water from the same region, each site with its particular history in the past and today. In addition, the banquet will be constituted with creations of chefs and inhabitants: each site will choose an edible wild plate from which chefs will create together with participants new recipes. Plates of Royal Limoges by Lucy and Jorge Orta will be marked by these stories of water and the 7 wild edible plants.

Studio Orta

+ d'info THE MEAL 70x7 de Lucy + Jorge Orta

The cartography by Anna Guilló

Anna Guilló is a Spanish artist and professor at Aix-Marseille Université. She works primarily on alternative cartography and its political impact. She is a member of the group and journal L’anti-Atlas des frontières, and initiator of the research program La Fin des cartes? Territoires rêvés, territoires normalisés. She is also part of the artist collective HIC SUNT whose members investigate cartography through drawings, performances, installations, sculptures and videos. She has exhibited in France, Switzerland, Spain, Colombia, and Belgium among other places and her work is in numerous private and collective collections.

Anna Guilló website

+ d'info The cartography by Anna Guilló


Sigrid Pawelke


Georges-André Mayer and Art(s) compris

Main Partners:

Rives et cultures, Cultures permanentes

Institutional Partners:

School of visual arts and design, ESADMM, Visual arts department, Aix-Marseille Université
FAI-AR, school of art in the public realm, Marseille

Scientific Partners:

Planète Science Méditerranée, Isabelle Miard, Cedric Parizot IMéRAT, Dr. Nico Döring;


VIVANT 2020, cultural season, World Preservation Congress



The Meal, Parc du Palais de Longchamp

Marseille NORTH Sainte Marthe

Association Une Terre Culturelle
4 chemin des Bessons, 13014 Marseille

Marseille EAST La Valbarelle

L’Association RIVES & CULTURES
56 Boulevard de la Valbarelle, 13011 Marseille

Marseille WEST Frioul

Association AFNR
1 rue Reine Jeane, Ile Ratonneau / Le Frioul, 13001 Marseille

Marseille SOUTH

Lycée des Calanques
89 Traverse Parangon, 13008 Marseille


La Maison de la Vie associative
76 Avenue du 8 Mai 1945, 13120 Gardanne

Gréoux les Bains

Médiathèque Lucien Jacques
Avenue des Thermes, 04800 Gréoux-les-Bains


Salle Foyer Rural
Place Saint-Michel, 06380 Sospel